A Quiet Exit? Csanád Szegedi Resigns

by Dr. David Mandler

The inevitable has finally occurred: Csanád Szegedi was forced to resign from the party he helped to create in 2003. In a letter published today, Mr. Szegedi informs us that he intends to keep his position as a member of the European Parliament even as he withdraws from all political functions from his party. Is this really going to fly with his now former party? I highly doubt it.

The salary commanded by such a politician will surely strike his former comrades and their followers as unearned by a non-Jobbik representative.

Előd Novák has already reacted to this announcement with vitriolic hatred towards his former colleague. Of course, Novák wants to position himself as the voice of the party, that is, the voice of morality. Even as Szegedi reminds the Jobbik camp of his illustrious activities in the party, namely, all of the things that have led outside observers to conclude that Hungary was becoming a less tolerant country–making Jews especially fearful in an atmosphere of palpable hatred. Szegedi exhorts his followers to recall him as the person responsible for “the mission” of resurrecting the Árpád-streamed flags (last used by the Nyilas Party in 1944 as Jews were deported and killed en masse in Hungary), the inaugurations of signs written in ancient Hungarian cuneiform, the creation of the (since banned and transformed) Hungarian Guards, the protests, and the person who “in the hardest moments, was able to fire up and give enthusiasm to the nationalistic radical camp” [Emlékezzenek arra is, amit tettem, emlékezzenek az Árpád-sávos zászlóátadási misszióra, a rovástábla avatásokra, a megannyi lakossági fórumra, a Magyar Gárda megalapítására, a tüntetésekre, és arra a Szegedi Csanádra, aki a legnehezebb pillanatokban is képes volt tüzet és lelkesedést adni a nemzeti radikális tábornak.] (http://kuruc.info/r/2/99252/#ixzz21rMhiUZU)

We’ll have to wait and see how much longer it is going to take before the Jobbik Party turns completely against Mr. Szegedi. It won’t be a pretty sight for those who wish to see a unified following of this party. But that is their problem. Szegedi is most likely going to be forced to resign from his position at an MP in the European Parliament. Perhaps it will take a complete write-off from his beloved party for Szegedi to break down and rebuild himself along a more humanistic line. One can only hope.

Perhaps it will take a total breakdown for Szegedi to experience a personal renewal. Many of his followers–judging by the comments on his Facebook page–have accepted that there is no such thing as a pure Hungarian (with so many ethnic groups making up what Hungarians call “Hungarian”). Whether or not Jews–the ultimate Other in Hungarian otherizing–can also be finally accepted into the body of the nation by Jobbik followers is still not clear. I would not hold my breath, though.

I can only pray that Szegedi himself finally recognizes that he has traveled down the wrong path, sees  the huge errors of his ways, and turns away from the discredited, wrong-headed, and disastrous ways of the traditional so-called Hungarianists whose policies led to sadistic murder and the decimation of Hungary in 1945.

May he inspire others to do so as well.