Csatáry’s Denials, Apotheosis of a War Criminal and Radical Schizophrenia

by Dr. David Mandler

That “the Jews” have essentially invented the Holocaust, exaggerating the numbers of casualties out of proportions and making up unbelievable tales about gas chambers, human bodies turned into soap, and the cruelties associated with the German and Hungarian Nazis in carrying out a plan of planned genocide has become an axiomatic truth for today’s extreme right-wingers in Hungary. The reactions evinced by Hungary’s third largest parliamentary party, Jobbik, to the case of the 97-year-old convicted war Criminal, László Csatáry, thus well illustrates their schizophrenic thinking.

Mr. Csatáry was convicted of war crimes as the commander of the Kassa Ghetto and sentenced to death in absentia in 1948 by a court in Czechoslovakia. In the meantime, Csatáry had made his way to Canada where, under a false name, he lived his life unmolested. His story can be read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/László_Csizsik-Csatáry

On Tuesday, July 31st, Csatáry was interviewed again by the Hungarian authorities. He denied everything. That is, he denied that he was the same Csatáry of whom the survivors have spoken (they must have mistaken him with another person who committed the cruelties the survivors claim Csatáry committed); that he was never the commander of the ghetto; and that he was an anti-Semite. An anti-Semite? Oh no, not that! (http://index.hu/belfold/2012/07/31/csatary_laszlot_ismet_kihallgattak/)

By now, the rhetoric of hatred towards Jews has gotten so heated in Hungary that a sizable number of people believe the Holocaust—perhaps the most well-documented of all recent genocides—is nothing but a big lie invented by the Jews in order to profit from it. If these Holocaust deniers were for real, and they were sane and rational individuals, the statements made by Csatáry to the police station must have been shattering to their worldview. Judging from their reactions, though, quite the opposite is happening. These self-appointed guardians of the Hungarian spirit have denounced “the Jews” for “hounding to death and innocent old man.”

Wait a minute!

Csatáry denied that it was he about whom the survivors testified. Then, Csatáry does not deny that there was such an individual in the Kassa ghetto in 1944. Csatáry denies that he was the commander of the ghetto. Then there was a ghetto with a commander from which 16,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz. Previously, Csatáry stated that—incredibly—he was, as it were, the Schindler of Kassa as he refused to send German detectives towards the direction of a mountain on which he knew Jews had been hiding. Incredible! Why would Csatáry say all this if not because he knows for certain that the Jews of Kassa were deported to the death camp we all know Auschwitz was.

And still, the Jobbik Party’s current vice president, Előd Novák, at a small demonstration in support of Csatáry in front of his house, asserted that he found Csatáry innocent and a true Hungarian. Of course he does! According to kuruc.info, an extreme-right internet publication with US servers in order to evade Hungarian laws with sizable daily traffic of readers—the Holocaust is a myth. Thus, nobody is guilty of mass murder that never happened. It is quite logical, isn’t it?

It is an open secret that Novák is one of the editors of this website and, therefore, what he says mirrors kuruc.info. Novák, incidentally, should from now on be seen for what he is: an unapologetic denier of the Holocaust and a real hater of how he sees Jews.

Shouldn’t the likes of Novák now have to turn against Csatáry? Hasn’t Csatáry implied that essential elements of the Holocaust were not invented by the Jews but really happened? Also, hasn’t he just stated that he was not an anti-Semite? (Then again, Novák has done the same multiple times).

Of course, no such repudiation will happen. Csatáry is on his way to becoming the next hero of the neo-Nazi bunch.

The incredible lie the Jobbik Party and its followers would have us believe is that the apotheosis Csatáry is undergoing in their eyes is because he is hounded to death by the Jews, innocent of crimes that were never even committed.

The real reason Csatáry is their hero is that these Hungarian so-called radicals would gladly follow his example even today. The new extreme-right in Hungary hates Jews so much that they have invented the slogan, “There was no Holocaust, but there would be a need for it today.” There you have it: schizophrenia in its purest form.

Even if the mountain of evidence about the Holocaust that reposes scattered around the world in the various archives of multiple governments and countless universities miraculously reconstituted itself into one heap and fell on top of the Hungarian parliamentarian Előd Novák and his ilk at a New Hungarian Guards assembly, they would spit out with their dying breath nothing but bloody venom, hissing that the mountain on top of them was not real dirt but only Jewish fiction.

Schizophrenia: thy name is Holocaust denial. Thy name is Jobbik!