Trayvon Martin: In the Dark (Poem)

by Dr. David Mandler

In the Dark
By David Mandler

It’s so dark it’s so dark
I hear footsteps in the park
Is someone right behind
Me I can’t see I am blind
In the dark

Let me run run away
I should call my ‘rents to say
I am fine but alone
Need to hear dad on the phone
In the dark

Whew he’s gone I can’t hear
Any noise I have no fear
I am strong in the hood
I don’t have to be so good
In the dark

Shit he’s back damn I’m scared
If I run fast I’ll be spared
I won’t yell I won’t scream
It’ll feel just like a dream
In the dark

I am no little boy
If he jumps me I’ll destroy
Him I know I am strong
I can punch him it ain’t wrong
In the dark

This is it he’s got me
Right in my chest I can’t see
Anything anymore
Yo I’m staring back at me
Vomit streams from his face
On the floor he sobs in place
No more pain

No more blame useless fame
In the light

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