Evil, Thy Name is ISIS: Why Western Inaction is Unforgivable

by Dr. David Mandler

I was against the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent overthrow of Saddam Hussein following the horrifying attacks on September 11, 2001. The case that Iraq was somehow connected to the terrorist attacks in the United States never made much sense to me when it morphed into an allegation that Iraq had chemical weapons and, by implication, that it presented a clear and present danger to the United States or to any of its neighbors.

The subsequent decade of U.S. presence in Iraq, with enormous sacrifices in blood and treasure to the United States and incomparably more so to the people of Iraq has shown to most Americans why this adventure George W. Bush and Dick Cheney pulled the United States military into was so tragically ill-conceived.

So, it is understandable that President Barak Obama, having taken the pulse of the American people before his first election, has been reluctant to change his course and admit that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011 has left the country open to a new kind of threat: the spread of a violent group that wants to distinguish itself as the most callous, violent, aggressive and intolerant militant group that has surfaced in the name of Islam in recent memory.

The name of this modern day manifestation of unbridled evil is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The list of monstrous crimes ISIS fighters have committed has been growing with each passing day. From expelling all Christians from Mosul, beheading children, forcefully converting Christians to Islam, driving 40,000 Yazidi men, women, and children out of their homes and currently holding them hostage on a mountaintop until they either convert or die of hunger and thirst, kidnapping and enslaving hundreds of women in Mosul, blowing up ancient Muslim shrines and graves in Mosul (because they view “worshipping graves”) to videotaping the gruesome and barbaric murder of captured Iraqi soldiers for propaganda purposes (allegedly 1500 of them), the the Islamic State has made it clear that its vision of life on Earth is the only one it tolerates. And this vision contains nothing but misery, domination, and subjugation.

In the past few weeks, ISIS has been spreading like cancer and its staggering military successes only serve to attract more youngsters from Western Europe as well. It is truly frightening that ISIS flags have appeared in European cities during demonstrations against Israel in the past few weeks, showing that this murderous group, the utterly barbarous cruelty of which would have amazed even the Nazis, finds supporters in Europe.

ISIS represents the most urgent challenge to basic human rights today. It must be confronted and defeated immediately.

I believe that Americans would overwhelmingly support even a major offensive that required ground forces if people were informed about the aims if this group that has declared an Islamic Caliphate on June 29, 2014 with the purpose to spread all over the Islamic and the non-Islamic world to impose its cruel ideology on the rest of the world.

While the world is busy protesting against Israel as it faces Hamas–a group that has apparently decided to sacrifice the people of Gaza and commit suicide by indiscriminately shooting missiles at Israel using civilian infrastructure, knowing full well that Israel will respond rather than change its core goal of destroying Israel–the lives of millions of people have deteriorated as ISIS has established sovereignty over large geographic areas in Iraq and in Syria. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced and the number of dead and wounded only grows as ISIS remains in control.

President Obama can no longer ignore the dire situation in Iraq. Dropping a couple of bombs to scare away ISIS fighters only emboldens them. The American people, and people around the world, should make their voices heard now with as much ferocity as supporters of the Palestinian cause have done in recent weeks.

No to ISIS, no to real genocide, no to brutality.

Remove this evil from the face of the Earth before it infects the Middle East and spreads all over the world.

Inaction is intolerable. In fact, inaction in the face of this tangible evil constitutes a crime against humanity.