Sun of Soul

by Dr. David Mandler

Sun of Soul

The astonished boy in the forest made
the pieces of meat wiggle and melt away
in the fuming furnace of my brain.

Pieces of sizzling meat; heaps of gray dust.
My animal spirit caged, my mouth veiled
behind a tainted white handkerchief. No verbs.

Thousands scream their souls into hoarse silence
behind giant green iron doors. Lights out.
Cold shivers—soaking in the shower of dumb death.

Hail Living Bullets! Make my holy profanities dance
amidst these silent green trees.
Blow-dry the ink of that last smile on my broken face.

Let that smile hug this doe-eyed, blond child,
standing  in the forest of the night, soaked in daylight–
The child that breathes memories of the future
through my dead lungs.

© David Mandler