How Could Trump Have Been Elected? “Again Never Again”

by Dr. David Mandler

In recent weeks, a number of people outside the U.S. have asked me the question, “How could a man like Trump be elected?” Instead of answering the question here in prose, I’d like to share a poem of mine written three days after Mr. Trump assumed the presidency. I hope and pray that the phrase “ruins of a long-ago time” in the first line does not have to come true. “The poet” is not that optimistic.

Again Never Again

You, bright eyed history student, looking back at the ruins of a long-ago time, pondering
A bankrupt billionaire, slashing and burning 140 characters daily on Twitter,
A tomato faced gloating grabber of news and crotches with orange hair,
A smooth possessor of serial wives who “kisses beautiful” when seeing “them,”
A demigod of old showered in gold, raising money from the average Joe’s fold,
Could be elected President of the United States, wonder no more.

Liberal brothers and caring old mothers
immigrant aunts and idiosyncratic actors
Conscripted housewives and sober mechanics
dispossessed doctors and indigent nannies
Tired policemen and toothless censors
old ladies in flower hats and dimple cheeked yuppies
Joes, Sues, Janes, Gabbies  and muzzled gypsy cabbies
All voted for the Man with a clear Plan

To destroy the dark clouds of globalization
To free the world of Muslim terrorists
To save the country from political correctness
To speak plainly and honestly once again
To pillory a nasty female hiding a menacing email
To avoid war with Russia and insult China instead
To keep ‘em Mexican criminals out behind a big beautiful wall
To end the war on Christmas and be done with Happy Holidays
To place a factory in everywhere throughout the land
To re-arm the Army and educate all students right
To climb every mountain from sea to shining sea
To dream the impossible dream–one for all and all for one
To Make America Great Again!

So, you bright eyed history student, derisively chuckling
with tears of contempt and dismissive judgment,
Take a deep breath. Know that you
with your advanced society in a perfect polity
with your rebuilt world and privileges and ideals
Are not exempt.

Faces of tomatoes and oranges of hair
are growing in the garden, ripening in the sun–
Getting ready for the harvest.

© David Mandler

Here is the poem in pdf format: again-never-again

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